December 21, 2012

Since this might be the last day on earth I thought I would take a minute to post a short poem. It doesn’t really have anything to do with finance or taxes or IRAs or 401(k)s; I just thought that in the middle of a day when many people have had one more thing to be afraid of that they, like me, might want to take a minute and contemplate truly important things in their lives. Enjoy!

I finally found my love for God
On this
The Last Day of the World

Making many mistakes
I know it’s true
I had fallen so far
And then I met you
I finally know my love is true
On this
The Last Day of the World

I traveled the world
Experienced adventurous things
And then I raised children
Truly Wonderful Beings
I finally know God’s ultimate challenge
On this
The Last Day of the World

Seeing the beauty
Of this magnificent Earth
Watching the trees and flowers grow
The setting Sun – a rising Moon
I finally feel true Grace
On this
The Last Day of The World

I imagine Space
So vast and empty
So cold and void
Yet so full of Light and Wonder
I finally sense infinite serenity
On this
The Last Day of the World

I’ve loved so much
And lost so many
This bittersweet life
Is filled with mystery
And then you filled this empty hole
I finally know my place in life
On this
The Last Day of the World

I finally found God’s love for me
On this
The Last Day of the World

About Roger Simard

Roger P. Simard, CFP® Roger P. Simard is the founding principal of Genesis Financial Advisors, LLC, and Genesis Tax Advisors, LLC. He heads the firm's corporate and personal financial planning practice and oversees all operations. Mr. Simard concentrates his work in the fields of financial planning, real estate investing, tax planning, and portfolio management. Mr. Simard is a Certified Financial Planner™ and has over 23 years of experience helping individuals and businesses achieve financial success. Mr. Simard was a speaker for The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, a nationwide youth recognition program honoring secondary school students for outstanding service. He is a frequent speaker and radio guest on business and taxation issues and successful investment strategies and provides Continuing Education classes for Realtors.
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