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Life is complicated enough!

At Genesis, we believe that focusing on growing your cash flow is far more important than growing your net worth. 

As you will see in our firm philosophy, we believe net worth is a function of positive cash flow, not the other way around.

So, how exactly do you grow your cash flow? We start by helping you trim costs. These steps include tax planning, one of the largest costs each of us incur every day of every year.

Also equally important is cash flow counseling and debt management. This includes debt evaluation and debt reduction solutions.

Business and financial consulting, along with investment planning are next.  To build a solid cash flow foundation, we start with establishing or strengthening emergency funds.

Then we build a diversified portfolio of cash flowing investments, including stocks, bonds, cash instruments, along with careful exposure to commodities, direct deeded real estate, and foreign currency markets.+

We believe you will find our firm to be refreshingly different.  Simple is good! We use a common sense approach to true financial security.

So, Who Do You Work With? At Genesis we use the best practices of financial planning. We incorporate traditional and alternative investing, to create a customized written strategy that increases your cash flow today and creates wealth for tomorrow. Often overlooked, is the tax benefits and stability that real estate** can add to an investors portfolio.

As charter members of All Financial Advisors you can feel confident that our firm will always place your interests first.

* Investment Advisory Services provided by Genesis Financial Advisors, LLC

**HomeLife Genesis Realty Group — Tamilyn Simard Designated Broker  

+Each individual portfolio is designed to meet your specific financial needs and risk tolerances and will match, as closely as possible, the clients’ specific needs, goals, resources, suitability, sophistication, and investment knowledge.

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